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Girls?  Boys?  Women?  Men?  Expecting mothers?  Rebellious teens?  Regardless the occasion, we have something that will please everybody.  Look around and see what will create the best memories for you!  

For larger events, we have a network of the BEST artists in the area.  So pick and combine multiple services to make the day truly special for ALL your guests!

Face Art

About 15 quality faces per hour, per artist.  

If needed, I can paint 30+ faces per hour, with some compromises in details and design choices.

$109-$149 per hour, per artist, depending on the location of the event.  

Discounts may apply for weekdays, repeat customers, and multi-hour bookings.

Waterproof Tattoos

We offer:

Glitter tattoo with stencil and glue;

Glitter tattoo with stencil and airbrush (outlet access needed); 

Freehand glitter tattoo (larger). 

All are instantly waterproof.  Have a sparkly party by itself, or combine with Face Art!

About 20 stencil tattoos per hour, per artist.

$109-$149 per hour, per artist.  

Discounts may apply.

Silhouette Portrait

Authentic, hand-cut Silhouette on the spot.  Fantastic and unique way to record your kids and guests.

About 15 sihouette portraits per hour. Each portrait contains 2 copies.

$149-$249 per hour.

Mail order available at $20 per portrait.  Please contact me here.


Depending of the level of details, each piece of maternity belly art can take between 15 minutes to 2 hours to paint.  

Starting from $99.  Inquire to get an accurate quote.

Make an unforgettable baby shower by combining belly painting with our other services!  

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